15 minute Sample Vocal Confidence Course

Explore some of the key tools that I use to help people feel and sound more confident in this short, free, sample course.

30 minute Sample

Voice-Vibration Sounding Course

Get a taste of what I offer and how your voice-vibration really works to help you change your state in this short, free, sample course.

Introduction Course:
Sound Foundations

This short course is the first one for you to take.
No matter whether vocal confidence or voice-vibration sounding:
Connect to your voice, packed with tools, tips & techniques - and just £22

Vocal Confidence Course:
'Find Your Voice'

Take what you've learnt from the Sound Foundations course and build on it with Find Your Voice.

In this next step you'll explore what confidence is and be given the most effective tips and techniques to manage nerves and speak with more clarity and confidence.

Advanced Vocal Confidence Course:
'Free Your Voice'

Now that you've built the foundations, and found your voice - it's time to free your voice and start to use it!.

This course takes you deeper as you find a new perspective about sharing your voice.

More powerful tools and exercises to free your voice & life.

ALL Vocal Confidence Courses
Save 37%

ALL 3 Vocal Confidence Courses in one place. PLUS BONUS FREE COURSE

If you haven't been able to do my 2-day workshop in person you can do it here.

Take yourself through the whole journey.

Practical exercises and exploration in to how to create the voice, energy and confidence that you want when you speak.


Sounding Course:

What is Sound Healing?
Why Voice-Vibration?

How Does it Work?
What is it good for?

Feedback for this course:

"A beautiful, healing, and empowering online course that really works"

"A thorough and eye opening introduction into the magical world of sound."

Advanced Sounding Course:

If you've done the Introduction to Sounding course, or if you've been on retreat or a sounding day - here are ALL the chakra meditations for you to do in your own time and space. (And a couple of bonus sessions too!)

A deep dive in to the power of seven simple sounds.

For those with previous sounding experience only

ALL Sound Healing Courses

Save 31%

All 3 Sounding Courses in One Place PLUS £88 FREE BONUS

If you know you are ready to dive deep into the world of voice-vibration sound and chakra healing then this is the place.

Head's up - the 7 Sounds course can go deep. Recommended only for those who are already on the self-awareness journey.

Extra Skills:

Feel more comfortable being on screen in any way - online meetings, video, live-streams, interviews, podcasts

"If you are struggling to speak to camera and want to get past the fear of looking at the lens, and the 'how do I look in the video' inner dialogue, work with Judith, she is amazing. " (Leila Singh)

Extra Skills:
Coming 2024... Sound Your Voice Oracle Deck Course

This Course will be coming soon - a simple guide through the power of sounding through the medium of my Sound Your Voice Oracle Deck.
(Deck currently out of stock - available soon)

The Course Of The Book
Coming 2024.....

How To Stop "Should" In Your Life

This Course will be available soon to support the exercises in my book (available from link below)

Simple step-by step process to figure out what you want, how to express it and stop shouldering the burdens of

"I Should...."